Trota Rowe

Trota Rowe Chef Hat

Trota sees herself as an accomplished and highly skilled chef. She is obsessed with cookery shows: GBBO, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Gino, Carluccio, Gennaro … you name it, she watches it. She has a bumper collection of cookery books and just keeps buying − much to the dismay of long-suffering husband Salmon. She also collects recipes from all possible sources, tracking them down on TV programmes and websites. In fact, Trota is so obsessive that even her therapist has given up on her. And what’s worse, she wants to try them all. But even if she could table a new dish each day, she’d be nowhere near getting through the whole collection. The bookshelf is bursting and the piles on the floor are perilously high; every drawer, cupboard and storage area in the house is filled not only with cookery books but also ‘essential’ utensils and products key to cuisines of the world. Sadly, despite her enthusiastic best efforts, Trota’s culinary experiments often get belittled chez Rowe. It’s a tough crowd.