Pasta al pomodoro, pecorino e ‘nduja

 Fidget and the Rowes 'nduja

Practically unknown until recently outside the Italian region of Calabria, ‘nduja is now catching hold among lovers of spicy food. If you do manage to get your hands on some of this fiery, spreadable insaccato, make this dish without delay. And although, like Salmon (who seems, incidentally – note to picture editor – to have been rejuvenating his barnet) you may have to deploy the fire extinguisher, trust your cartoon kitchen crew: it’s worth it. Continue reading

Bucatini alla carbonara


The name’s origin is debateable, but folklore associates it with charcoal workers (carbonari). To recreate the mood, Trota tasked Salmon and Fidget with some flue maintenance. Quite an ask, so you might think the duo’s reward would be forthcoming. But no – Trota, mistress of delayed gratification, insists that only after a thorough shower are our heroes re-admitted to the cartoon kitchen to finally tuck in. Continue reading