Salmon Rowe

Salmon New Hairstyle

Salmon is exasperated by Trota’s obsession; at home he is the main instigator of TV-remote rage. He can only appreciate ‘proper’ food − fish & chips, bangers & mash, chilli con carne, even vintage beans on toast − and is convinced that any wife with a repertoire of more than three recipes must be a loose woman. The one TV chef he can begin to get interested in is Rachel Khoo… He’s mesmerized by Trota’s racks of ingredients: Vietnamese rice noodles, dried porcini mushrooms, leaf gelatine, chestnut flour, Moroccan spices − the list goes on. Worse still, he just doesn’t get the idea that they can’t all be combined in an efficient one-pot. To his frustration, Salmon is often called on to test Trota’s cookery experiments… like that time the prawns still had their heads on and it seemed the eyes were looking at him!

Happily, he recently had a ‘moment of insight’ – coinciding with a curious haircut it must be said – and is becoming gradually more appreciative of the eclectic, high-quality fare he is presented with.