Thank you for visiting Chez Rowe – where cartooning and home cooking combine beautifully, with an added dash of retro chic for good measure. But first, let’s meet the team.

Trota is an enthusiastic foodie and adventurous cook who will try anything at least once. Salmon is more of a traditionalist: a fish & chips, bangers & mash and chilli con carne type of man. Not surprisingly, the Rowe household is more than a little dysfunctional in the kitchen department…

Trota and Salmon have a dog called Fidget, who takes a keen interest in what goes on in the cartoon kitchen and gets involved in the culinary choices and kitchen ménage.

Inspiration for the cartoons and recipes comes from Trota’s burgeoning collection of recipe books, websites, TV programmes, magazines, scraps from newspapers and packets of food (we always give credit when due). Just sometimes, they are the master-creations of chef herself.

That said, Chez Rowe is not written by a nutritionist or food industry professional. So although the recipes are accurate and thoroughly tested, you won’t find exact measurements, recipes described in great detail, or exhaustive step-by-step explanations. But if you like cartoons and cooking, and if you start reading Chez Rowe and fall in love with the characters, then… mission accomplished!

In short, these recipes are aimed at the average cook who knows the basics. Ingredients are approximate amounts: they will feed two normal folk and entertain a small, fictional dog. Feel free to adapt them to your needs.

In the cartoon kitchen we like sharing success stories and the occasional mishap too.  But be prepared: passion, drama and daftness run high in the cartoon kitchen!