Sicily and Calabria

the mountain and the sea

The sea or the mountains? The mountains or the sea? That is the question…

Sicily and Calabria

… but no need to agonise when you’ve only one week and can’t decide whether you’d rather spend it bronzing at the beach or climbing in the cool of the trees: here you can do both.

Which is exactly what the Rowes did. They chose Sicily and Calabria as their ideal destination. Starting the Sicilian sojourn in Catania and Palermo (hustling, bustling port cities), they also travelled across the island by rail. How different the interior is once you’ve left the densely populated coastal area – the rugged, primordial landscape can surprise you.

From Palermo they took the train/ferry to Calabria, where they visited the beautiful seaside towns of Scilla and Chianalea and enjoyed breathtaking views of the Stretto di Messina from the magnificent vantage point of Monte Sant’Elia. They also ventured inland towards the Aspromonte mountains –  beautiful landscapes, with olive trees as far as the eye can see. One adventure-packed week, for sure. The Rowes loved it and plan to return!

And how was the food? Well, as you can imagine, having mountains and sea in such proximity means you can find everything from the freshest fish to the finest porcini mushrooms, including delicious varieties of insaccati (cured meat), cheese and pasta – just full of flavour.

So, our three favourite eateries of the holiday were:

Al Solito Posto – Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte

Bar Rosanero – Palermo

Trattoria Via Pozzo Mulino – Catania

And here are some pictures:


Catania       Palermo       old house

Bothanical Garden


Pasticceria       Bothanical Garden       La Gazzetta Dello Sport


Pizza Nel Forno

Tagliere di Antipasti       Fileja       Pesce Spada


Monte di Sant'Elia

olive trees

Chianalea       Monte di Sant'Elia       Monte di Sant'Elia

Stretto Di Messina

Monte di Sant'Elia

Mercato Frutta e Verdura Catania

Mercato Frutta e Verdura Catania

Mercato Frutta e Verdura Catania

Mercato Frutta e Verdura Catania       Mercato Frutta e Verdura Catania       Mercato del pesce Catania

Mercato Catania

Mercato del pesce Catania       Mercato del pesce Catania       Mercato del pesce Catania

Mercato del pesce Catania